How to get control of your financial freedom.

This is an article I had published in my local paper when I was asked to speak about the financial challenges of living in a small expensive town in Beautiful British Columbia, being a business owner and raising a family with 2 young children. How do you not just survive but thrive in this ever changing world and economy? How do you set yourself up for success, so you can be prepared for anything that comes your way?

Let’s talk about money. Lets get really real about what money means and how it affects the world we live in. Some may think it’s strange that money is a subject near and dear to my heart, but lets face it, it is part of our lives from the day we are born. You may have heard people say, ‘I don’t need money to be happy’. Some may say, money isn’t everything. And many may say, its right up there with oxygen, you need it to live.

So why is money talk a taboo? It can affect our day to day living, it can impact our lifestyles, it can dictate our relationships. I don’t know about you, but I was raised in a family where money was often an issue, and one where we focused mostly on money as a problem. We didn’t have the tools or strategies for creating abundance and financial security nearly the same as we do today. As an adult, entrepreneur, and student of life, I am learning that if we focus on money making as a solution, it will come more easily and frequently.

How often do you tell yourself, “I can’t afford that”, or “if only I had enough money”? or “how can I save more money?” Much of the world we live in focused on scarcity and not enough…I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough time. But in reality, we all have the same amount of time and the same ability to seek opportunity. Not enough is just a story we tell ourselves, and if we repeat it enough, it becomes our reality. When we tell ourselves positive thoughts about our financial situation, we are able to change that story. What you think about you bring about, so if money has been a struggle for you, start with changing your mindset and create a new relationship with money.

I am an opportunist and an optimist. Although I have not handled money well through much of my life, I have carried a mindset that if you’re willing and able you will always have an opportunity to make more money. People make, lose and spend money all the time. Money is a bit of a game, and its important to know the rules if you want to win.

So what happens when we feel like we don’t have enough money or we need more? What is our first reaction? It depends on our mindset. For some, they may just continue flying by the seat of their pants, and recognize the need to make any changes at all. For others they may add up all their expenses and subtract it from their income to find what is left over for spending or saving. For some they will penny pinch and live more simply. And some will look for solutions and investments to have the lifestyle they desire. All of these solutions come with a cost.

I am not a money expert by any means, but I have spent time learning and implementing new strategies for myself and my family, and perhaps these simple tips will help you in your relationship with money, if you’re not an expert already or if you feel like some adjustments could be made.

  1. Get real on what you want and how money plays a role in achieving these goals. Allow yourself to dream and envision the lifestyle you want to have.
  2. Read books about money. There are a ton of them out there, and because I work primarily with women and I am a woman in business, I really enjoyed and could relate to Think and Grow rich for Women. I love how is reconfirms so much of what I’ve already learned in business and in life, but it really shows you how to apply that knowledge, and to show up in your own power. I also loved that 2 women I personally know and work with in my home business we’re some of the first women whose success stories were shared. This book is for anyone who has big vision or needs to create big vision for themselves.
  3. Create positive affirmations around money. For example “money comes easily and frequently”
  4. Talk about money. We’re all here to share, experience, and help one another live our best lives.
  5. Redirect your focus from “not enough” to “how can I create more?” The reality is, times have changed. Most j.o.b.s (Just.over.broke) will not afford you the lifestyle you really want. You may find more month and the end of your money. There are a lot of ways to create an additional stream of income now a days. Find your God given talent and create a way to share that with the world to help others. Or find a turn key business with low start up costs so you can not only change your lifestyle, but the lives of many others.
  6. If you’re look to increase your income, I highly recommend looking into a home based business instead of taking a second job. There are a lot of tax benefits to having a home based business that can actually save you money, where as another job will cost you more come tax season. We all know in Squamish, home based is where its at, given the cost of commuting to and from as well as the over head cost of renting or leasing a business space. Squamish is booming and there has never been a better time to create opportunity! Learn more about duplicating my business model to create a passive income along side what you’re already doing.
  7. Make a plan and stick to it. Another big trend today is our need for immediate gratification. In order to create change, you must have a plan, and you must work at it consistently, whether you see immediate pay off or not…likely you will not, but I can promise you will over time if you are implementing small positive changes every day. Check out Darren Hardys book The Compound Affect to learn about the power of consistency.
  8. Save 10% of everything you make and start now if you haven’t already. That may mean a few adjustments in your budget and priority shifts, but the sooner you start, even if only a small amount, that will grow exponentially over time.
  9. Be generous and live in abundance. Whether you have a lot to give or just a little, remember there are people who have less and need more. When you live in abundance and giving, whether it be time or money, you will attract more abundance to you.

If you truly want to make a positive change in your life and your relationship with money, i believe 100% it is possible. If I can do it, so can you.

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I teach entrepreneur minded professionals how to create abundance of time, freedom, health, and financial security. I have a multi faceted business in the Health and Wellness Niche, and my specialty is in online marketing and simple social media strategies.

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