How to successfully launch your new recruits in their network marketing business

Let me help you launch your new team members to success in a way that’s effective and duplicatable so you can have a team where everyone wins.

Duplication is the name of the Network Marketing game. If you don't have duplication you have 2 main problems...your team isn't winning, and you don't have the leverage you came into this profession for. You have another full time, trading effort and time for money business really. What I love about Network Marketing is the ability to have both a passive and a residual income all rolled up into one.

What's the difference? Passive means not having to be present for the sales transaction and residual means repeat income. With the right product, marketing system, and business model you can have both, and that can be rare to find or take years to build. The best selling feature of your opportunity is "turn key"...meaning you can hand someone the key, or blueprint for success, and they can jump in, turn that motor on, and create forward movement right out the gate. So grab your coffee or popcorn and enjoy this episode.

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