How to motivate you Network Marketing team into action

Motivating your network marketing team can be like trying to herd cats. But trying to change anything outside of yourself Is like that. You have very little control over what anyone else does or doesn't do, and business is such a personal experience, that no 2 journeys will ever be the same. Some people will simply do nothing. Some will do a little. And some will do a lot.

But it's not your teams job to serve you. That's not how this business works, contrary to popular belief. As leaders, we are here to lead by example, show the way, and inspire others into leadership. We are here to create soul aligned partnerships and help others create freedom. Whether they choose to do the work is up to them.

Like any other business, building a business in Network Marketing is a process. And the best way to control any outcome, is to release your need for control and focus on the shifts you can make within yourself that will help you take the external actions to manifest your goals.

You have a personal responsibility as a business owner to manifest your own vision regardless of what someone else does or doesn't do. How you lead yourself and how to you support others around you will determine your outcome. So if you're ready to take full responsibility for your success, this video is for you.

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