How to Engage with Your Audience on Facebook

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I get more engagement from my audience?” But a better question actually would be “How can I engage with my audience?” Your questions as a business owner should always be focused on what can I give vs what can I get. So engagement always […]

5 Easy Steps to Building a Brand

Before I teach you the 5 easy steps to building a brand, I want to share with you why it’s so important to brand you and not your company as an influencer affiliated with a company. First of all, when you are affiliated with a company, you are in direct competition with others affiliated with […]

The Skinny on Affiliate Marketing with Johanna Hunt

There are so  many ways to make money online, but when it comes to creating the type of money that can create financial abundance while also having the time freedom to enjoy an incredible lifestyle, affiliate marketing is really where it’s at. In my humble opinion. When you hear of people having 1K+ Days, while […]