What is the best way to recruit leaders online?

It's really easy to get caught up in the methodology of "how to" when you're building a business. We're so wired to fear doing the wrong thing, that we often do nothing instead so that we can play it safe. Well I'm here to tell you that playing it safe is not going to move you forward in your business or life, so you're going to need to pick a method for building your business and get on with it. And I say this with love because I want the best for you. My team calls me the realist...and now you know why ūüėČ 

There are 3 affective ways that us social internet marketers know when it comes to recruiting prospects, clients, and partners into your business, and all of them work when they're applied correctly, but some work better then others. Let's start with the method most people use when they get started in their home business...

Mouse Trap Marketing

No one really wants to get caught in a mouse trap do they? The name really says it all.  I think of this method as people who randomly post and hope for the best, and its usually based on their own needs, not the needs of their audience. It goes something like this...the business owners sets out the cheese, a pitch about their product or service on their timeline, then waits patiently (not so patiently as they check their notifications every 2 seconds!) to see if anyone has replied to their offer. If you're on social media then you've seen this done far too many times...but done the right way it can actually be affective. 

I call that the curiosity post: this is where you share your own story about your product or service, or a testimony that outlines the benefits of what you sell, and you include a call to action for those who can connect with the feelings you experienced in the process of getting from where you wanted to be to where you are today. This has to connect their heart to their head in order for them to take action. And it has to be about them, not about you. Any time you are posting about your business in social media, it needs to come from a place of creating value and service for your people.

Unfortunately most of the posts I see people use in this method are actually about selling not marketing...and no one wants to be a sales person, but that is exactly what they're doing. When done properly, in outlining the benefits through story like I mentioned above, they become a marketer, and they save the selling for whatever system their business has in place. The other downside to this method is that most people only use this as their strategy, which means they are speaking to the same people in their social circles over and over again‚Äč..and we all know the growth is in the numbers. So they need to have a strategy for consistently bringing in new leads for their business. Before you implement any strategy, make sure you have a plan...Go ahead and snag my FREE SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDE for home business owners in the box below! 

Social Media Recruiting

For many leaders this is how they get started on social media and this was true for me because it came quite naturally. I love connecting with people and social media has made it really easy for me to do that, so why wouldn't I use it as a networking tool. But of course this method can also be done very wrong, and as the world of online entrepreneurship grows we need to be more and more careful about how we use these methods.

1. Search 

The first step is finding new people to connect with. They may not be the right person for your product or service, but if you are a person first and a marketer second, you will build some strong relationships with the people you meet and you never know where these opportunities will lead. There are a few ways to find new people online: friends of friends, friends suggested by Facebook, searching for friends based on location or keywords, and through Instagram...which is probably my favourite! I average about 250-350 new followers on Instagram each month. Would that make a difference for your business?

2. Qualify

The next thing you need to do is prequalify who you're talking to. Do you know how many messages I get daily with people trying to sell me their opportunity or product without even a hello?! It's like asking me to sleep with them before we've even had a first date! And if they'd done their job they would know I have a life and a business I love. So the first step in qualifying someone is by taking some times to learn about who they are...are they positive? Are they kind and caring? What are their interests? Do they have a business? Who do they follow? If they are big on personal growth, chances are they are an entrepreneur, and may be open to diversifying their income. If they go to the gym or compete in triathlons they have a keen interest in health and wellness. ‚ÄčThis is a great way to start the conversation and discuss common interests...just like you would in person if you met this person at an event. 

3. Message

So once you've made a connection and you've shared a few likes and comments back and forth (like online flirting), it's time to take the relationship to the next level and private message the people who fit the profile of your ideal client or partner. Now here are the guidelines for this process. Don't jump into bed with them right away. Be a person, have a ping pong conversation, and get to know eachother. If a need arises or they show more interest in what you do, then move onto step 4. If they don't, then leave it at that and be sure to schedule a time in your notes to reconnect with that person. It's very important you don't send them any links or spam without permission or uncovering a need or desire for what you do. This is a big turn off, and these are often the people who become my clients because someone approached them about their business with a spammy marketing message, and I took the time to build a relationship. You can watch my recent live video to learn about building connections through social media. It's been super popular and I think you'll enjoy it!

4. Book

The last step is to book the next step if you've uncovered the need and they are ready to hear what you have to say. Now my team and I use a very solid system for inviting our people into secret groups where they're able to get more info and upgrade to becoming a client or partner. But you may want to use whatever system you've been taught to book activity...3 way calls, coffee dates, presentations, events, or phone calls. It's up to you...and it's also up to the person you're working with, because ultimately you want to fill your clients needs. 

If you want to use this method for building your business, I highly recommend this Social Media Recruiter Course from my friend Julie Burke. She's a master at Social Media Recruiting and breaks it down into bite size chunks so anyone can learn and implement it right away. Click the box below to get access to the course.

Attraction Marketing‚Äč

I feel like this is internet marketings best kept secret. Attraction marketing is all about the law of attraction, but implementing it through giving, giving, giving before ever asking for a sale. With attraction marketing you are providing value able content that shares the many benefits of what you do, and before you give away the farm, you have captured your audiences curiosity and built the relationship to a point where they come to you for more. With this method you position yourself as an authority and influencer in your niche, and you build a following of people who want to tune in to learn from you about whatever it is you offer. This is not a skill most people naturally posses, and it is a skill that must be learned and implemented well and consistently, but it has a much higher pay off in the long term....In this method where you move from the hunter to being the hunted. Anyone can learn how to implement this strategy, and if you want to learn from the best, snag the Attraction Marketing Formula from my friend Ferny by clicking the link below. 


Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work. xo

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