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Johanna Hunt

Founder & Ceo of

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What's my story?

Explorer, adventurer, dreamer, and entrepreneur living life on my own terms and showing others how to do the same. I teach and train Home Business Owners and entrepreneurs how to create success fast online so they can have more time freedom to do the things they love to do and create more choices in their life,  I dream big and I live big. And I am here to inspire and encourage you to do the same. If you want something more, you have to go after it, and there will never be a perfect time or situation. You must seek opportunity, not wait for it.

I come from a background in Marketing, Branding, and Event Design. I have built multiple businesses with various business models. I came into the network marketing profession in 2012 because I was craving more...more money, more time, more freedom. I fell in love with this profession and being able to help people both with their health and with their wealth. I was with my first company for 6 years with relatively decent success but when our family packed up our home in Canada and decided to travel we knew we needed to find an opportunity that would allow us to be 100% online and build a global business from anywhere.

We were also looking to partner with top leaders and internet marketers who we're doing something different, embracing a more modern way of building , and who were helping people create a lot of success online. I knew it was time for a change, and when I saw what they were doing and the lifestyle they were living, I dove in and got to work. In a few short months I was able to rank advance multiple times and help my team do the same. We are paving the way for our profession to take a brilliant business model and bring it to the forefront of modern business and technology. 

My goal here is to open your eyes to the possibilities, a new way of doing things, and teach you how to develop skills and utilize tools that will help you leverage your time, diversify your income, and increase your bottom line with online strategies that are simple and duplicatable. But ultimately it's about being able to create the freedom you need to enjoy life on your own terms. 


Johanna consistently delivers value and is a genuine, authentic coach and leader. She knows what she is talking about because she's tried it all and she's been doing this for years. Thanks for your great tips!

Leslie NG Environmentalist and Health and Wellness Coach


I came to a point in my network marketing career where i felt a little lost and overwhelmed! I understood that people were growing these very successful business online and it really aligned with me. I came across one of Johanna’s lives on Facebook and found the information so helpful, so decided to do some coaching.  Johanna is so personable has such a way to make what felt like such a scary jump for me growing online , totally doable.

Megan Gifford Network Marketer

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