The Ultimate Guide to Building Your List

The greatest misconception about social media that business owners need to understand is that social media is NOT for selling! Its for social engagement, networking, connecting, making new friends, creating community, strengthening relationships and building trust. Social media is your store front, its that first impression people get often before they meet us. So what does your social handle say about you?

So if social media isn't for selling, than how are people building a business on social media? Well, the people who are actually making money online understand the value of branding and list building. You have to create a strong, congruent and visible brand on social media and you need to have a way to capture your audience and persuade them to subscribe to your list so you can influence them through consistent engagement. The best way to do this is through list building.


Well for starters, for anyone to see everything on social media you need to pay to play. But even after you run and ad, you need a place to capture your potential clients information so you can have a conversation with them. If you're running ads to sell, you may make a sell, but you're not able to create a long term relationship with your audience. You need to have a long term vision for your future, and if you're focused on the sale you're missing out on the opportunity for passive income and even multiple income streams.

So how does this work?

  1. You need to create an irresistible offer. You need to give before you take. Invest in your future and invest in your clients and potential clients by giving them something for FREE before you ever ask for a sale. This is a sample of your work, and shows your audience that you're an expert that can be trusted and builds rapport. This can be a free sample of your product, an ebook, printable, a video series, or a work book. For example, one offer for my community is my Free Social Media Guide that helps you get your brand properly set up social media. 
  2. This can be done on a landing page, a form in your website, a pop up or a banner. Whatever you choose, you want to make sure you are easily able to promote it through all your social media channels. For High Converting Lead Generation Opt-Ins I use Thriveleads for WordPress. It's user friendly, has great value, and is cost affective. Most of the other options out there charge a monthly fee, but Thrive is a one time purchase.
  3. You need automation. When I first got started as an entrepreneur I knew the value of capturing an audiences information and would send out a monthly newsletter. But as I educated myself more about how to grow a business 100% online through internet marketing, I realized I needed a system that would work on autopilot for me and give my audience the information they needed without me having to be physically present. Everything I do in my work, I want to make sure I can get paid on it over and over again, because I know the information I have to offer is full of value and I know my worth. This is why I blog, this is why I have an automated lead generator and email marketing system. Do it once, do it well and it will pay you for a life time. This is how you can build a long lasting legacy for your family. We have very little control over what happens to social media, because we don't own our handles, but we do own our domains and we do own our list. When you grow an audience and build a community, your list will grow with you and your business no matter where you go. I personally use Active Campaign for automation because I find it very user friendly and it integrates with most other online it does EVERYTHING! I have tried other providers but nothing compares for it's capability and simplicity... drag and drop features, easy to read data analysis, personalization through CRM, and amazing automation flow!

Recommended Resources for Building your Business Online!

Thrive Leads This New WordPress Plugin Will Blow Your Mind. If you own a WordPress website, you DON'T want to miss out on this! This is one of the best WordPress development teams I know and they have just released a new plugin. If you use WordPress on your sites, you've gotta see this. If you're in a rush, Click Here to check it out right away! 

The Free Ultimate List Building Guide Once you have your hardware set up for capturing leads, you will want a step by step guide to create highly converting opt ins. Thrive leads has templates and drag and drop that makes it easy to use, but this List Building Guide will walk you through the process I outlined above from start to finish. 

Attraction Marketing Formula If you're tired of the old school methods of selling, chasing after leads, endless networking in groups or at events, and you want to build a solid business online, then you want to use use the same strategy that 6 and 7 figure earners are using to build their online empires. The resources above will give you the technology, but this will give you the magic formula. Get Instant Access to The Attraction Marketing Formula!

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Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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