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I'm a serial entrepreneur who can help you leverage digital marketing to monetize your ideas and assets and diversify your income to create more time freedom and financial stability. I believe you create your own economy. And I know because I've done it.

With this belief I bring you over a decade of experience in branding and marketing in the digital space. I've worked side by side with the top 10 in the profession to launch, grow and scale multi billion dollar physical and digital products. I have learned from the best, and have been rewarded generously for my diligence, earning top commissions and incentive bonuses, hitting leader boards and earning trips that have taken me around the world.

It's my roll to guide you through the principles of marketing and sales, and show you how to uniquely position yourself in the online space. With this, I bring my experience and best practices for social platforms, content creation, customer acquisition and care, leadership and team building, and growing your visibility through collaboration. 

But I am also well versed in the systems and structures of taking your foundation and scaling it with the latest technologies of lead generation, nurture systems, and automating your sales and service for a seamless experience, while still providing that personal touch. 

Whether you are B2B or B2C, I will show you how to communicate with your ideal audience in a compelling way, and reach more people without having to work more.

Join the
freedom F'empire

Looking for an additional stream of income? If you're a woman who values your health, wealth and freedom, you will love this community of soul aligned women supporting women in their most radical expansion.

Magnetic Marketing Academy

This is amazing if you already have a business, but you need the blueprint. This is the framework for building a solid sustainable and scaleable online business with self led courses and masterclasses.

 Coaching +  Consulting

This is for you if you're ready to fast track your results...up level your brand, establish solid systems, scale your business online and have radical breakthroughs. 

Freedom F'Empire

We’re a collective of women who value physical, energetic, financial, and mental wellbeing.

Through luxury products, community, leadership, structure and leverage for our growth in all the areas of wellbeing.

This is a place where women support women.

Inside a high vibe community where you can build independent wealth with the support of a dynamic team.

A home where you can manifest your most authentic expression of self, and tap into limitless health wealth and freedom.

The Freedom F'Empire is the affiliate marketers dream...for women!

Magnetic Marketing

Follow my Blueprints for building your  online business using the most innovative digital strategies that are simple, duplicatable, and drive results. Join the Magnetic Marketing Influencer Academy.

Branding Breakthrough

This session is designed to build your confidence in what you do and how you deliver it to the world. We will eliminate any confusion and overwhelm to understanding your brand and implementing your marketing strategy. 

  • Embodying Magnetic Marketing
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert
  • Create a lead flow from content to sign up
  • Systemize your system
  • My personal resources and blueprints for social media success

Radical Expansion

Radical Expansion is for the visionary, the action taker, and the leader who is ready for expansion. You have worked hard to get to where you are, but you're ready for more ease and flow. You are ready to create systems and structure in your business that will allow you more balance and time freedom, with increased abundance.



Anita Fehr, CA - Health Coach & NWM Leader

Solid advice. Team builder. Excellent communicator and leader. 

Minna Amelia, UK 

Thank you so much Johanna. Your calm, non flashy approach and caring attitude is what led me here. Thank you!

Lisette Soleil Paquin, CA - NWM Leader

I'm so connected to your way of educating people. You have totally inspired me and shown me the tools to get where I want to go. Life Changing. #gratitudeforjohanna

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