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Authentic Influencer Marketing Academy

Join My Network Marketing team

This is amazing if you are looking to enter the entrepreneurial world, and would love to be hand held as you follow our teams blueprint for success.

Self paced courses

This is amazing if you already have a business, but you need to learn how to market it. Courses are go at your own pace and implement as you learn.

1 on 1 Coaching

This is for you if you're wanting some 1 on 1 hand holding for launching your social media strategies, bouncing ideas around, and have someone to hold you accountable.

Soul Aligned Partnership

Looking for an additional stream of income? Work closely with myself and our layered leadership team...whether you are looking for  a new career path, side hustle, or expanding your offers for your audience...Social Retail is the disruptive online business model everyone is chasing.

AIM Academy

Follow my Blueprint for building your home business using only social media strategies that are simple, duplicatable, and drive results. Join the Authentic Influencer Marketing Academy.

Branding Breakthrough

Are you ready to unleash your highest potential? In this session I'm going to help you uncover your most authentic expression of self to confidently deliver it to the world. We will eliminate blocks of confusion and overwhelm to understanding your brand and implementing your marketing strategy.

  • Know your pillars and strategy for personal branding
  • Position yourself as a go-to credible expert
  • Create a lead flow from content to sign up
  • Systemize your system
  • My personal resources and blueprint for social media success



Anita Fehr, CA - Health Coach & NWM Leader

Solid advice. Team builder. Excellent communicator and leader. 

Minna Amelia, UK 

Thank you so much Johnna. Your calm, non flashy approach and caring attitude is what led me here. Thank you!

Lisette Soleil Paquin, CA - NWM Leader

I'm so connected to your way of educating people. You have totally inspired me and shown me the tools to get where I want to go. Life Changing. #gratitudeforjohanna


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