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Modere Training & Resources

Make sure you are logged into Facebook and Accepted into the M-Life Nation and One Voice Facebook Group to be able to access and download most of the files on this page.

Meet John and Nadya Melton

Make sure you watch each video and download the corresponding worksheet with it. When you're starting, it's easy to get overwhelmed with excitement and information. Work through this getting started guide with your mentor and go one step at a time. Avoid consuming consuming consuming and getting analysis paralysis.

Get into the Facebook Groups

We use FB Groups as a funnel to share  the Modere Products and Opportunity with people to give them multiple exposures and leverage the groups videos and social proof to do the selling for us.  In Modere you do not need to be an expert at products or business, you just want to get good at inviting people into the groups! This chart will help you get familiar with the groups and how to use them in your business. Use your Getting Started Guide to walk you through the ATM system.

This Group is designed to use if you have someone that is interested in learning more about the Modere business and becoming a Social Marketer. This is also the group that you want to welcome and recognize your Social Marketers and share your wins!

This Group is designed to use if you have someone that is interested in learning more about the Lean Body System and other flagship products. Tag them in the announcements post and testimonials they can relate to!

This Group is designed to use if you have someone that is interested in learning more about the Modere Collagen Science Products like the Liquid Biocell and Trim. Theres a lot of amazing info inside this group!

This Group is our MAIN SOCIAL MARKETERS TEAM GROUP for Training, Announcements, Contests and More. You want to have your notification setting on this group set to ON so you don't miss out on anything important

This Group is Modere's Corporate group for Social Marketers. Any new training, announcement and promotions will be mentioned in here. This is a great group for Training Videos and Resources. You'll want to have your notifications ON in this group.

Add your new Modere customers to this group so they can learn more about the products and get Clean Living Tips, Recipes, Meal Plans and MORE. If you want your customers to stay engaged and ordering every month... this is the place for them!

Your First 24 Hours

Step 1: Craft your first spoon post

​How to Invite, ATM, Follow up and Close like a PRO

Step 2: ​Launch before it lands!

Getting Customers and Social Marketers Started

Work your business in 60 minutes a day!

Team  Training Schedule

M-Life Nation Team Call

  • Every Saturday
  • 9am (PST)
  • 11am (CST)
  • 12pm (EST)

Phone Number: 515-604-9522

PIN: 345842#

International Callers: Call from a Google Voice Account for no long distant charges

Team Modere: What it takes

  • Every Monday
  • 10 am (PST)
  • 12 pm (CST)
  •  1 pm (EST)

Access to Mondays live videos inside One Voice Facebook Group >> Click Here <<

Keep going, you are rocking it! 

​Common Questions Covered in these quick videos

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