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I'm Curious! Are you tired of feeling like you're chasing after people? Would you love to have a flow of consistent qualified leads in your inbox?

Prospect your way to Freedom

The Masterclass

In this 2 hour masterclass I show you exactly how to attract your ideal clients with ease.

Without Cold Market Prospecting or Sending those "Hey Girl" Messages to random strangers

You’re not afraid of prospecting , you’re afraid of what you think prospecting is…

Because you’ve been taught to slide into the DM's un-invited and un-postured without a clear path as to the journey you’re taking your ideal prospect on.

You see this as a sale, an exchange, a quick buck. Even if you don’t feel that is your intention, that’s how you’re approaching it.

How can I, or rather what can I say to get this person to buy from me, sign up with me, or do anything to validate my experience in my business so I won’t feel rejected.

So you send the perfectly curated pitch thinking they haven’t seen this one before.

But they have.

Many times.

And they feel the energy behind your copy & paste.

What if…there was a different approach?

What if that approach felt like connection?

What if that approach felt...

Non resistant.
Like something you wanted to do every day.


And that consistency built a consistent flow of enrolments for you?

Without you having to pretend to be something you aren’t?
Without feeling like you were chasing after people.
And instead had you feeling Magnetic AF?

In this 2 hour masterclass I will show you 

how to prospect the magnetic Marketing way

Build Authority

Have a solid understanding of your brand, messaging, and who you're ideal audience is

Magnetic Marketing

Leverage the laws of attraction to create content that converts

HOT Lead Magnetism

Pair Passive Marketing with Active Marketing for intentional lead generation

Content Flow

Learn my brilliant strategy for never running out of content topics for your ideal audience.

Conversation Flow

Learn who to start conversations with and how to create genuine connection that builds trust with you and interest in your offer

Easy Enrolment

Lead them through the sales and sign up process with ease now that you've done most of the work upfront

Who is this masterclass for?

  • This is for you if you're ready to shift the way you prospect and connect 
  • You're looking for strategies to get in front of the right people and have more hot prospects coming to you
  • You want to know what to say, when to say it and how to streamline the entire conversation process

If you're ready to...

  • To become a brand authority
  • Create powerful content
  • Build solid connections

What students are saying

Elle Parmo
Affiliate marketer

Your Master Class was epic! I got so inspired listening to it. I actually feel like I have to listen again, because there were so many nuggets. I really related to your story and now I understand better how you are doing business, so I really liked it. you make it so simple, and you provide so much value. I would love to recommend it!

Louise Hanson
Network Marketer

I can't believe that no one has ever taught me this stuff. Now that I've been through the class it seems so simple and I feel like I'm actually a marketer now.

Maxwell Dane

This masterclass gave me a clear perspective on how to create messaging to position myself as an authority, and the confidence to start conversations. I was always looking for the right things to say, but now I know it's about knowing what to ask!

What's included

2 hour training

  • check
    The difference between active and passive marketing
  • check
    Lead Generation Strategies
  • check
    Endless Content that converts
  • check
    Connecting with leads and enrolling them with ease

Bonus 1

+ Google Tracker System

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    21 Content Headlines 
  • check
    Content Creation Sheet
  • check
    Lead Tracker

Bonus 2

+ My boards with over 150 Scripts

  • check
    New Followers
  • check
    Story and video Viewer
  • Product Flow
  • Business Prospect flow
  • Follow up and closing scripts

Meet your coach

Johanna Hunt

I am a Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding Expert that helps Home Business Owners, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Aspiring Influencers develop Influential Leadership...

  • So they can dominate their competition
  • Grow their business in a smart and leveraged way
  • Gain more freedom and abundance in their life
  • Create that passive and re-occurring income
  • Earn trips and incentives and Design a lifestyle they love

As a leader in the Social Selling and affiliate marketing space, over the course of the last several years, I have helped hundreds of professionals develop a successful social media presence to advance their side hustles into full-time incomes around their other commitments with Simple Social Media Strategies that work.

Being able to create multiple streams of income using Social Media has enabled me as a single mom to build an incredible lifestyle for myself and my 2 daughters here in Vancouver, and travel around the world. I love empowering people to chase their own dreams, find their unique strengths, and win in both their life and their business.

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